Our Process 

The process of creating garments is a carefully orchestrated set of steps, each one relying on the last, which takes an impromptu set of pencil marks and metamorphoses them into a perfected, wearable piece of clothing. The techniques and process used in pattern-making and sewing has changed little over time and Jolie Joli proudly shares in these traditions of craftsmanship, impeccable détail and originality. Jolie Joli follows a 5-step process, which includes Consultation, Design, Textile Selection, Premier Fitting* and Final Fitting. Clients are encouraged to take part in the design process as much, or as little as they désire


The first step is to collect a client's design thoughts, dreams, cuts/shapes, textures, colors, likes/dislikes, et cetera, through media, one's closet, imagery or description. We then take all these little details and compile them together into one look or aesthetic, which then is creatively transferred to the design process. After thorough discussion, we also will take a client's measurements to ensure a garment's perfect fit. 



During the design step, Jolie Joli produces a series of options based upon consultation notes and/or designs presented by the client. The options can be subtly or drastically different depending on the client's specifications, and usually range from 4 to 8 different sketched designs for any one garment or look. After initial reactions via email, clients can refine details, mix-and-match sketches, until the client is in love! This is a collaborative process between client and designer and we will work with you with as many iterations as necessary to arrive at your XX



Once a design is finalized, it is then harmonized to an appropriate textile, aided by Jolie Joli and selected by the client. Finding the perfect fabric in weight, drape, hand and color is crucial to the success of a design and where quality is paramount. Jolie Joli prides themselves in working with the finest textiles and finishings, providing clients with an extensive library of fabrics so one can touch and see what they will be wearing. 


Premier Fitting 

The premier fitting is the first time the garment leaves the page and comes to life. Clients are fitted with a practice garment mock-up made from muslin. In this way, Jolie Joli can pin and perform exact changes to be made before cutting the final piece to ensure a perfect fit. In addition, details such as pockets, belts, straps, hems, proportions, et cetera, can be precisely placed and positioned during this step. If alterations are needed, additional fittings may be required. 


Final Fitting 

After a garment has been fitted to perfection, the changes will be applied the pattern and the final piece can be cut. Jolie Jolie produces all components in-house, working piece-by-piece maintaining strict quality standards and using the finest couture sewing techniques and finishing. The final fitting and last step is achieved when the garment is delivered to the client and any additional details can be addressed.


Et Voilà!