Jolie Joli is a luxe custom clothing business which handcrafts any garment, for all silhouettes, from sketch to final piece.

The company was founded by siblings, Jeffrey and Juliana, who have a deep commitment to craftsmanship, sustainability, and fashion. The pair carefully consults with clients on styles, cuts, colors, likes/dislikes et cetera, to cultivate a personal understanding of one's wants and fashion dreams.

After discussing specific garments, clients are offered a variety of sketched options for fine tuning of details, lines and trims. Once approved, the prototype of the garment is made, followed by a fitting, to ensure that garments feel and look perfect. At the same time, clients will also choose their fabrics; the fun part!

Jolie Joli prides themselves in sourcing the finest textiles, imported from all over the world, possessing a vast library of options so one can touch and see what they will be wearing. Once all has been approved by the client, the creation of the garment begins.

Jolie Joli uses the finest couture techniques during the construction of clothing and distinguishes themselves with their meticulous craftsmanship and care to ensure the highest of quality.

The company is designed for clients who have an appreciation for the artistry of clothing, style and creativity, and want a personalized experience as well.